Myronivskyi district

Kyivskа region

Victims: 650

The population of Vedmedivka village (Myronivskyi district, Kyivska region) suffered from the Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

Before the Holodomor years, the village belonged to Rzhyshchivskyi district. In 1929, the agricultural artel “Novyi Sliakh” (“New Way”) was created. It was headed by K. P. Tkachenko. The executives of dekulakizations and food confiscations from the peasants were local activists Kalenyk Shevchenko, V. A. Okhrimenko, brothers Sanko Onifatovych Sihula and Hervan Onifatovych Sihula, and their co-villager with the sobriquet “Chado”.

The new head of kolkhoz Biletskyi and the storekeeper M. Y. Okhrimenko helped people to survive in that difficult time.

Before the Holodomor, there were more than 400 yards in the village, where 1300 people lived. According to the Holodomor eyewitnesses (30 such people live in the village nowadays), 650 persons were killed by starvation in Vedmedivka. Only 16 persons are identified, 9 of them are children. They were buried mostly at the cemetery in the centre of the village, but many people were burying their relatives in the gardens, not being able to take the bodies to the cemetery.

The mass grave is located at the cemetery. In 2007, the metal memorial cross with the marble plate was installed. It was made by Krokhmal I. M. for his own costs.