Bilotserkivskyi district

Kyivskа region

Victims: 1080

The population of Rozaliyivka village (Bilotserkivskyi district, Kyivska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

In 1926, in the village, which belonged to Uzynskyi district, the fellowship for joint ground cultivation was created. 120 peasants’ yards joined it.

In 1929-1930, the collective farms “New Life” (“Nove Zhyttia”), the head of which was A. F. Pavlenko, “Bolshevik”, the head of which was S. V. Pavlenko. There is no information about the dekulakization. According to the data of Rosaliyivka church, found in archives in Kyiv, before 1923 there were about 700 yards in the village, where 2500 people lived. After the Holodomor only 475 yards remained, where 1420 inhabitants left.

The general number of the dead during the Holodomor is 1080 persons.

The place of mass burial is located at the local cemetery (on Narodna street and Shevchenka street). There was the ditch, where the corpses of dead from starvation were brought. At the mass grave the monument to the Holodmor victims was installed.