Zubаni (Zubаni)

Hlobynskyi district

Poltаvskа region

Victims: data are being specified

The information about the mass grave in Zubani village was given by the Holodomor eyewitness Hanna Otropiivna Kumeiko (born in 1926).

This is an exceprt from her story,

“They died, how they died, no one made any coffins because there was no one to make them. People were infirm. So, the cart came, who was still able to move thgeir legs, and they took the person away. If they have something to cover that person, some cloth, they covered them, put them on the cart and collect across the village. They collected the dead people, brought them to the cemetery, dug a pit, and put them into the pit, and then covered this by ground, and that was all.”