Zhdаnivkа (Zhdаnivskа)

Mаhdаlynivskyi district

Dnipropetrovskа region

Victims: data are being specified

Holodomor witness Oksana Irtiuha (born in 1927) said about this mass grave, “He was buriede, it means, they digged a pit. Althought his parents-in-law were wealthy and his mother and father were alive, there was still nothing to make a coffin from… Our grandmas told us about this. They made a box and put the wooden sticks on the botton and some clothes, and closed it, and put it into the pit. They threw five men on the top, like dogs. When the person died, some people were going from house to the other and collected them, and sometimes they were leing fro three and five days in the houses. They died and no one, no one cared.”