Novotroitskyi district

Khersonskа region

Victims: data are being specified

In 1932-1933 the village of Syvaske was called Rizdvianske.

The mass grave of the Holodomor victims is located at the cemetery in the center of the village in 400-500 meters from the building of local authorities. The territory is clean. The memorial cross was erected in 2008 near the entrance to the cemetery, but, unfortunately, it was destroyed by wind.

Fekla Kobzar, born in 1912, said, “Every morning, the members of ‘burying brigades” came to our houses. They shouted in there was anyone alive, and then took the dead onto the cart. The bodies were stacked on top of each other. At the beginning of the cemetery, pits 3-4 meters long were dug. People were put there. Whatever they threw in a day they sprinkled with earth, the next day they brought more. And so, until they impose a full pit. Then they wrapped it flat with the ground, and neither words nor memory. And relatives were so weak that even could not say good bye in a proper way, didn’t even know precisely where who was buried.”

The information was given by Natalia Solodchenko, history teacher of Syvaske secondary school No. 2.