Bobrovytskyi district

Chernihivskа region

Victims: data are being specified

The population of Oleksandrivka village (Bobrovytsia district, Chernihiv region) suffered from the Holodomor genocide of 1932-1933. Local resident Hurbich (Shovkun) Mariia Kyrylivna, born in 1920, said that in the center of the village in 1912 was built a luxurious house of Sribliansky family. Sriblyansky’s estate covered a large area. With the arrival of the Bolsheviks in Ukraine, this estate was taken from the owners, and later, during the Holodomor, in the center of the village, large pits were dug on the territory of the estate and the bodies of the dead were taken there. In 1935, a cemetery was opened on the outskirts of the village.