Bobrynetskyi district

Kirovohrаdskа region

Victims: data are being specified

The information about the mass grave in Mykolo-Babanka village was given by the holodomor eyewitness Liubov Hruhorivna Voinarovska (born in 1925).

The exceprt from her story:

“The cart came, two horses and a cert. They took them away to bury, to throw into the pit. And they came back for that granny Motria and took that granny Motria. My mom cries, “She is alive, she begs for food, where do you take her?” And they said, “Do you think we would come back?” and threw her on the cart and took her. My mom cried and I together with her. And now I… I hear that voice, how she cries and begs to eat, eat, eat, in such a voice, well, she had no strength. They took her and that was all, and then in my village, in Babanka, many people died. Very many people died.”