Nemyrivskyi district

Vinnytskа region

Victims: data are being specified

A memorial cross has been erected at the the mass grave. According to official archival statistics, 276 villagers were killed by famine in 1932–1933, almost half of which are children.

Antonina Melnychuk (b. 1903) recalled the spring of 1933, “Every morning I drove down the street, and when I approached the yard they asked, ‘Do you have any today?’ The dead were buried in one pit. We owe our lives to our nurse, a cow, she saved the lives not only of us but also of many people. ”

Mykola Lesko remembers how Maria Pravdyva carried her children in a cloth to the cemetery, and it was scary to watch when their heads and legs hung outside the cloth.

Terrible famine turned people into crazy creatures who could no longer control their actions. As of April 30, 1933, 9 cases of cannibalism and eating the dead bodies were officially registered in the Nemyriv district alone. The actual number of such cases could be much higher.

The information was provided by Oleh Melnychuk.