Novoukrаinskyi district

Kirovohrаdskа region

Victims: data are being specified

The information about the mass grave in Hromukha village was given by the Holodomor eyewitness Tetiana Ivanivna Krotova (born in 1928).

This is an exceprt from her story,

“The head of the collective farm drew more than half of the village to the other world. The cart, black oxen, and a group, two stronger men, went every day across the village, to the every house. And he commanded to collect not only the dead, but also the alive, barely alive, and people said, when I grew up, those were brought tp the cemetery. There was no pit, not any, and the bodies thrown on a pile. Only in 1935 the pit was excavated and the bones were moved into that pit with rakes.”