Hrаdivkа (Porychаnskа)

Veselynivskyi district

Mykolаivskа region

Victims: data are being specified

The information about the mass grave at the cemetery of Hradivka village was given by trhe Holodomor eyewitness Tetiana Ivanivna Krotova (born in 1928). This is the exceprt from her story,

“Hradivka of Mostove region. And this village, my husband, he always spoke Russian, how to say it, Russian-speaking Ukrainian. /…/ And in 1939, the school became Ukrainian. And there was a lot of coquina there, this used to be a sea bottom. And the cemetery was surrounded by a fence from coquina. He said, the cart came to that fence, thay said, a wall, threw everything out behind the wall, and went for another “portion”. This how it was on my husband’s motherland.”