Kryvyi Rih

Dnipropetrovskа region

Victims: data are being specified

Tetyana Ivanivna Myshaliv, born in 1879, who lived in the railway village of Dovhyntseve on the street Planova, on the left side of the railway track (now Kryvyi Rih main), told her relatives that on the railway tracks in 1932-1933 every morning people found both living and dead farmers. The NKVD took the living somewhere, and the dead were taken outside the village to the steppe and wrapped in a large pit, covered with quicklime… And people were told not to go there and not to graze goats nearby, because it is “cholera” and a very contagious place. In the folk memory of the locals, the expression “cholera cemetery” appeared.

In the 1970s, an oncology dispensary was built on the site of the so-called “cholera cemetery”. Eyewitnesses said that a lot of human bones were found there…