Tokmаtskyi district

Zаporizkа region

Victims: 37

The population of Novoprokopivka village (Tokmatskyi district, Zaporizka region) suffered from the Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

At the cemetery, over the mass grave of the Holodomor victims, the Memorial monument to the Holodomor victims was installed in 2007.

According to the testimonies of the local inhabitant Syzonov Mykola Afanasiiovych (born in 1920), during 1932-1933, it was difficult to survive. People were excavating the pits in the earth seeking for food. Sometimes there would found the nuts. People were begging for food. Elder boys were catching the sparrows, looked for the nests with the eggs. Mykola Afanasiiovych recalls it was often that people were laying along the streets, with swollen faces, hands, bellies, with glazed looks.

The inhabitant of the village Syzonova Uliana Vasylivna (born in 1921) added that her mother, two brothers, and sister died of starvation. When she was 10, Uliana Vasylivna was going to work, but she still was hungry. She was seeking and eating grass, unripe apricots, and nightshade. At the same time, the activists were coming from one house to another; they were constantly seeking for grain and other food products, taking the pots with food out of the ovens, taking away the last piece of bread from the hands of hungry children.

Skidan Nadiia Denysivna (born in 1922) told that it was very difficult to survive then. Her friend died of famine in front of her eyes. The eyewitness admitted that in 1932, the weather conditions in Ukraine were good and the harvest of wheat was rich. However, the situation in the village was catastrophic. The activists were coming to the houses in order to confiscate everything edible. They took away the seeds of pumpkins, potatoes, and other food.