Krolevetskyi district

Sumskа region

Victims: 60

The population of Bozhok village (Krolevetskyi district, Sumska region) suffered from the Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

The mass burial place of the Holodomor victims is located at the cemetery. This place was found according to the words of the Holodomor victims: Varvara Fedorivna Khyz (born in 1927), Uliana Serghiyivna Zhurba (born in 1918), Uliana Ivanivna Nikolayenko (born in 1916), Uliana Yukhymivna Zhurba (born in 1924), Mariia Fedorivna Ovcharenko (born in 1921), Motrona Ivanivna Nerovnia (born in 1925), Mariia Yukhymivna Zavhorodnia (born in 1926). About 60 people died of starvation. Over the burial, the memorial cross was installed.