Burynskyi district

Sumskа region

Victims: 1185

The population of Pisky village (Burynskyi district, Sumska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933. Holodomor killed about two thirds of the population. According to the book of the registry office, 1185 inhabitants of Pisky village died during seven and a half months. The head of the collective farm at that time was R. A. Boiko. He was the person that gave an order to bring to the pits half-life people, as well as the dead.

Due to the initiative of the district state organization, in November, 2007, the regional Holodomor Victims Memorial was opened. The author of the complex is the graphic artist M. M. Bondarenko from Uspenka village of Burynskyi district.

Memorial consists of several elements. Among the marble plates, the white contour of the village house is visible. There are three identical crosses in this house. They symbolize the death of elder generation, the people of the middle age, youth and children. In front of the, there are the “Sheafs of Sorrow”, which form a kind of the cup. These are the marble plates that resemble the sheaves of wheat. The age, names and surnames of the victims of the dead are written on them. Also, here is the information about 1167 inhabitants of the village that died during Holodomor of 1932-1933.