Pervomаiskyi district

Khаrkivskа region

Victims: 1207

The population of Oleksiyivka village (Pervomaiskyi district, Kharkivska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-19331207 persons died, 189 of them are identified. On the basis of the survivors’ testimonies, the mass burial place was found. In 2003, the memorial cross was installed there.

According to the official data, during 1932-1933 in Oleksiyivka village only 189 persons died. However, in 1961, in the bookcase of the therapeutic department, the head of the department of Oleksiyivka district hospital Semaho V.I. found the notes made by a local doctor, who was keeping tabs on the death rate and was writing the exact causes of deaths. In accordance with his data, 1207 persons were killed by starvation in the village. whole families were dead, both young and old people did not survive. This information was first published in the local newspaper “Znamia Truda” (24.11.2007). The author of the article is V.Siachyn, the principal of Pervomaiska school No.6.