Tyvrivskyi district

Vinnytskа region

Victims: 400

The population of Hnivan town (Tyvrivskyi district, Vinnytska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933. About 400 corpses of people, killed by starvation, are buried at the beginning of the cemetery in the forest to the left from the road along Lisova street (Kalinina street previously). At the place of the burial two signs are installed. This place is taken care of by the children from the “Dzhura” workshop. The place of mass burial of Holodomor-genocide victims is tidied and fenced in. Every year the commemoration of innocent people, who were executed by starvation, is held there. Eyewitnesses say, that in 1932-1933 in Hnivan one cruel man was catching exhausted children and feeding his pigs by them.