Romenskyi district

Sumskа region

Victims: 2289

The population of Romny town (Sumy region) suffered from Holodomor-Genocide of 1932-1933. In search of food hungry peasants went to the city in the hope of exchanging embroidered towels and shirts for food. Some peasants who did not  have even these things in hopes of obtaining at leastany food went to Romny city. A large part of people died on the way to the city, the other part died in squares of city. Every day a carriage circled the city and picked up the corpses of people who died of starvation. From the carriages of trains, moving through the railway station of Romny, at the Bakhmach-Romny-Romodan ramp, they carried the corpses of people who died of starvation, then took and buried them in a common pit.A memorial sign has been installed in the town near the Holodomor victims’ mass burial. The monument “Tortured by Hunger” is a statue of a woman and a child in height of  2 m 50 sm. The woman, turning her head to the left, looks towards the sky, and the girl looks to the right towards the ground. It is located in front of the central cemetery entrance on Dudina street. A public square is tiled and decorated with flowers. The monument, constructed at the expense of a local budget, was opened on Memorial Day for the Holodomor-Genocide victims on November 22, 2008. Its author is sculptor and artist Oleksiy Fedko.