Lypovyi rih

Myronivskyi district

Kyivskа region

Victims: 120

The population of Lypovyi Rih village (Myronivskyi district, Kyivska region) suffered from the Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

During the Holodomor years, the village belonged to Rzhyshchivskyi district. In 1929, the kolkhoz “Novyi Sliakh” (“New Way”) was created. In 1930, Antin Vasyliovych Klymenko, who had 5 children, was dekulakized. In 1930, Myron Fedorovych Pohorilyi (born in 1893) was dekulakized and sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment. He was rehabilitated in 1989. The same happened to Klymenko Stepan Dorofiiovych, born in 1890.

During the Holodomor, the cart was moving through the village and picking the dead up. The bodies were buried in the common pit. There were the cases of cannibalism. Before the Holodomor, there were 180 yards, after the Holodomor 130 farms left. According to the old people’s memories, about 120 people died in the village. 87 dead are identified, 23 of them are children.

At the village cemetery, at the mass grave of the Holodomor victims, the stone cross was installed by the relatives of the dead.