Popilnianskyi district

Zhytomyrskа region

Victims: 194

The population of Strokiv village, (Popilnia district, Zhytomyr region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

After February 15, 1933, the head and the secretary of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR appealed to the chairman and secretary of the Kyiv regional executive committee (M.Vasylenko, A. Hlynskyi) and noted that according to verified data, cases of mass malnutrition occured in 16 districts (details are attached).  In Popilnia district, in Strokiv village, there were 90 such a starving families, of which 6 were collective farmers and 13 – starving families.

At a closed meeting of the Popilnia District Party Committee on January 14, 1933, it was reported that 10 farms of individual farmers and six farms of collective farmers were starving in Strokiv village. In the farm of collective farmers, 3 members of the family were swollen. A reason for the fasting of collective farm families is a small number of manufactured labor units. Only one of them had a lot of worked units, but he had to return a lot of bread to the collective farm, because he owes to public catering. Single owners of 10 farms did not sow, but speculated and cheated. There were no deaths from exhaustion. It was agreed with the collective farms to organize hot breakfast for children.

The mass burial place is in the old (southwestern) part of village cemetery. The number of deaths from hunger is unknown. Only 194 surnames have been established. At the entrance to the cemetery there is Holodomor victims’ memorial.