Popilnianskyi district

Zhytomyrskа region

Victims: 365

The population of Novoselytsia village, (Popilnia district, Zhytomyr region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

Life in Novoselytsia village in 1932-1933 was studied in the region most widely among others due to the efforts of history teacher, Leonid Mykhalchenko, who in 2003 published the book “Disgrace of Novoselytsia village” and Pavlo Hlushanytsia, who emigrated to Canada in 1944. In 1986, he published a book of Holodomor memoirs in Toronto, the tragedy of collectivization and repressions against the ukrainian peasantry “The Third World War of Pavlo Hlushanytsia”, which was published simultaneously in Ukrainian and English. In 1993, the same Pavlo Hlushanytsia published in Kyiv a book “1932-33. A war without shots”, in which, in memoirs, the example of his village Novoselytsia reveals the tragedy of the Ukrainian people during Holodomor. In 1994, according to this book, film director Valentyn Pyvovar, operator Mykola Gresko created a documentary film.

According to witnesses and old-timers, the deaths of hunger in 1932-33 were buried at a distance of 1 km from the village council, in 20 meters from the road in the western part of the village cemetery. According to the old-timers calculations and the calculations of Leonid Mykhalchenko, Pavlo Hlushanytsia, 350-365 people died of starvation in village. Surnames of more than 350 people are researched.

A metal cross (6 m high) was installed at the mass graves site on the village cemetery, with the inscription “Ukrainians, to worship the Holodomor victims of 1932-1933 who died in Novoselytsia village, 1994”. The names of the victims of starvation are also stamped. The cross was made by Petro Yavdoshenko.