Popilnianskyi district

Zhytomyrskа region

Victims: 350

The population of Myroliubivka village (in 1932 two villages – Kilovka and Lozovyky), (Popilnia district, Zhytomyr region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

In the funds of State Archives of Zhytomyr Oblast ( Region) there is a statement of the head of Lozovyky Agricultural Artel. named by N. Krupska (and renamed as Myroliubivka village in 1962) to the secretary of the Rayon Party Committee of the Apiary on the permission to extract bread from a tractor engineer, Solodukha Ivan. Statement is dated of 1933.

The Holodomor victims of Lozovyky village were buried at a distance of 1.2 km to south-east from the village council. Today, the area of old cemetery is overgrown with trees. The number of people who died in the settlements of Kilovka and Lozovyky (now it is Myroliubivka village) is unknown. According to the memoirs of eyewitnesses, there were approximately 350 people, deaths of hunger in 1932-33. Surnames of 49 people are researched. About the high mortality in village the following data say: in the family of Horodiuk Ivan seven children died of starvation, in the family of Oleksienko – eight children, in the family of Livshun – five people.

This Holodomor victims place of burial of the former Lozovyky village (in 1962 it became a part of Myroliubivka village), is located on the old cemetery.