Popilnianskyi district

Zhytomyrskа region

Victims: 360

The population of Kotliarka village (Popilnia district, Zhytomyr region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933. In the village there were conducted the «deculakization» of farmed peasants. Among the activists who conducted the confiscation was Stanislav Dobrovinskyi. In the resolution of Popilnia DPC Bureau of 19.04.1933, it was stated that in Kotliarka village the attendance of school was low, a large part of pupils went to work at the collective farm. This fact wass mostly observed in schools where hot breakfast had still not been organized. In April 1933, lessons were stopped at school, because nobody was going to it- some children died, and others did not have the strength to sit in the classroom.

Whole families died. So, in the Buriatynskyi’ house, where, besides the old parents, two sons’ families of Anton and Yanyk lived. So, in Holodomor 16 family members died, among them 10 children. Only two children survived in the village boarding school. From memories of the village old-timers, those who died of hunger in 1932-1933 were buried at a distance of 1 km from the village council, in a village cemetery on the right side of the Zhytomyr-Skvyra highways. According to witnesses, about 360 people died in the village from starvation. The names of 91 died people are established. In the village cemetery in 1993 the oak cross with the inscription “1932-1933” was installed in the mass grave of Holodomor victims place.