Sumskа region

Victims: 3000

The population of Sumy city (Sumska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933. In Sumy, on Druha Zaliznychna street, the mass burial of Holodomor victims was found. It is located on the non-built-up territory between the industrial building of Joint-stock company “VNDI AEN” and Luchanske cemetery (closed in 1892). The ravine, which was bounding the cemetery from the north, is now situated on the hill. Not less than 3000 persons (inhabitants of Sumy and nearby villages) are buried there. In 1941-1943, German invaders executed the Jewish population and the group of sailors from Dniprovska military flotilla. After the Second World War, Luchanske cemetery “moved” to the former ravine. On April 26, 1975, during the construction of the industrial building of Joint-stock company “VNDI AEN”, lots of human corpses were found. The construction process continued. The depth, on which the bodies were found, is 1.5 meters.

The monument to 1932-1933 Holodomor victims is located at the city suburban. The citizens appealed to the city council several times with the request of memorial sign construction near Luchanske cemetery, at the exact place of mass burial. However, nowadays there is no any memorial sign at the mass grave of Holodomor victims.