Bilotserkivskyi district

Kyivskа region

Victims: 66

The population of Hlushky village (Bilotserkivskyi district, Kyivska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

In 1929, during the collective farm creation, and in the next few years, several families were dekulakized. Terenchuk’s large family, Yakiv Zaremba’s family with 10 children, and Ivan Lisovenko’s family were spurred to Losiatyn, and then they were exiled to Siberia. The peasant Semen Dubovyi was thrown out of his house together with his children.

According to the inaccurate data, 66 people died during the Holodomor. In 1993 at the mass grave, at the cemetery, the wooden cross was installed.