Nedryhаilivskyi district

Sumskа region

Victims: 14
With the beginning of collectivization in Zelenkivka village the collective farm “Vpered” (“Action!”)  was organized. Miroshnychenko Stepan Trokhymovych was the collective farm chairman. The newly formed collective farm entered 17 poor people. In general, collectivization was sluggish. Such activists as Maksymenko Ivan Fedorovych, Karpenko Fedot Stepanovych, Kryvohata Ivan Samsonovych, Rudenko Feodosiy Fedorovych joined it.
The population of Zelenkivka village (Nedryhayliv district, Sumy region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933. During Holodomor population massively died of hunger and was buried on the territory of the settlement. In October 2007, on the initiative of  P. A. Yushchenko, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, a memorial sign was installed on the mass Holodomor victims’ burial place of 1932-1933.