Fаstivskyi district

Kyivskа region

Victims: 120

The population of Trylisy village (Fastivskyi district, Kyivska region) suffered from Holodomor-genocide of 1932-1933.

The first collective farm in the village was called “Tolitical Department” (“Politviddil”). Its head was Mykola Rybalchenko.

In 1928, 3 kolkhozes were created. Their names were “Read Sower” (“Chervonyi Sivach”), “Udarnik”, and “Chervonyi Klyn”. Until the end of 1930, 5 collective farms had been functioning in the village.

In 1932, the village was put onto the “black desk.”

In 1932-1933, during the Holodomor, 120 people died in the village. 110 of them are identified.

The mass burial is located at the local cemetery, where the mound was heaped up and the plate with the sign “To the eternal memory of our parents, brothers and sisters. Holodomor of 1932-33” was installed in 1993.